Medical Weight Loss

Reducing Stubborn Belly Fat – Medical Weight Loss. In the vast world of weight loss, there are thousands of products and services that are long on promises and short on results. If weight loss were as simple as taking a pill, we wouldn’t have adult obesity rates of nearly 42% in the United States.

While tackling your weight and frustrating belly fat may not be simple, it is very much within your reach, especially with the right guidance.

To lose weight, and keep it off, the first step is to follow the science, which is why the team here at Quick Doc offers medically supervised weight loss programs. By addressing the biological directives behind your weight, we can help you lose the unhealthy pounds, including belly fat.

Here’s a look at some of the science behind fat and how a supervised weight loss program excels above the myriad fad diets and products.

The science of fat

Since we’re focusing on belly fat here, let’s take a look at why it’s so stubborn.

First, there are two types of belly fat that you’re up against:

  1. Subcutaneous fat, which lies below your skin
  2. Visceral fat, which is deeper in your belly, surrounding your organs

Visceral fat is not only more dangerous, health-wise; it also absorbs fat more easily than subcutaneous fat. This means that as quickly as you try to lose weight, your visceral fat is absorbing dietary fat.

The next hurdle is age. As you age, your metabolism slows and you lose muscle, both of which can present considerable challenges since you’re not burning calories as efficiently.

Lastly, spot reduction of fat is impossible, which is important if you’re trying to combat belly fat. It doesn’t matter how many crunches you execute or how many products you use that claim to reduce belly fat; your body chooses where it surrenders fat.

Going a step further, your biological directives may be conspiring against you. For example, women are hard-wired to carry more fat around their reproductive organs, which includes the abdomen. Men also tend to store excess weight in their bellies.

Losing belly fat

If your goal is to lose belly fat, know that any effective weight loss program will help you lose weight all over, which is a good thing. The keys to a successful weight loss program are:

  • Reduce caloric intake
  • Build muscle
  • Reduce system-wide inflammation

While this may seem simple enough, the real advantage of our supervised weight loss program is how we tailor it to your unique needs. For example, when you start, we evaluate your health, your diet, your fat distribution, your activity levels, and more, to get a clear picture of your starting point.

From there, we custom-design a weight loss program that might focus on certain areas. For example, if we find that sugar intake is causing both inflammation and weight gain, we concentrate our efforts in this area and steer your diet away from sugar.

Or, perhaps we find that muscle loss is a big contributor to your extra pounds. With customized exercise regimens, we can help you build muscle, which burns more calories.

Not stopping there, we can also address behavioral issues that are impeding your weight loss (think stress eating).

On top of tailoring your weight loss program to your unique needs and goals, we also provide continuing support along the way, as well as some degree of accountability when you need an extra push.

Ultimately, a medically supervised weight loss program is a far better bet than fad diets, as we follow the science to help you lose meaningful weight.

If you want to learn more about our medically supervised weight loss programs and how they can help you lose belly fat, and more, contact our office in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.